Art-Case Pianos

Klavierhaus is a destination for collectors, decorators and connoisseurs in search of the finest and most unique Art-Case Pianos.

These pianos receive the same meticulous attention to their musical qualities as our concert instruments. Our restored Art-Case instruments are found in the collections of museums and private homes worldwide.

Whether you are a seasoned collector, an esteemed pianist, or an art enthusiast, our captivating collection of art case and Art Deco pianos provides the opportunity to own an extraordinary piece that transcends mere functionality.

Discover the Perfect Blend of Aesthetic Appeal and Artistic Brilliance:

Art Case and Art Deco Pianos Now Available at Klavierhaus Concert Services


Klavierhaus Concert Services is thrilled to announce the arrival of a captivating collection of art case and Art Deco pianos for sale. Combining the artistic finesse of carefully crafted masterpieces with the soul-stirring harmonies produced by these magnificent instruments, we present a rare opportunity for aficionados and enthusiasts alike to grace their homes or concert halls with iconic piano designs.

The allure of art case pianos lies in their unparalleled ability to transcend traditional boundaries and become true works of art. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by experienced artisans, these pianos embrace diverse themes, bringing a touch of beauty and individuality into every note played. Our collection showcases an array of ornate accents, vibrant motifs, and stunning hand-painted finishes that elevate the piano to an entirely new realm of artistic expression.

For those seeking a seamless blend of timeless elegance and geometric precision, our Art Deco pianos epitomize the sophisticated spirit of this iconic movement. Designed to embrace the Art Deco principles of symmetry, simplicity, and bold shapes, these pianos exude a refined glamour and exquisitely reflect the zeitgeist of the roaring 1920s. Each piano showcases architectural lines, luxurious materials, and iconic motifs that epitomize the Art Deco aesthetic, resulting in a statement piece that exudes both charm and sophistication.At Klavierhaus Concert Services, we understand the importance of harmonizing visual beauty with exceptional musical quality. That’s why our art case and Art Deco pianos undergo meticulous restorations performed by our team of highly skilled technicians, ensuring that each instrument delivers an exceptional playing experience. With a repertoire of world-renowned piano brands spanning over a century, you can rest assured that the musical prowess of these pianos matches their aesthetic appeal.

 Visit our showroom today, immerse yourself in the grace of these unparalleled instruments, and let the transformative power of art and music enchant you.

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