In Celebration of the Life of Gabor Reisinger

Yellow Barn remembers Gabor Reisinger


Friday, July 18, 2014

On July 18th in the Big Barn Yellow Barn honors Gabor Reisinger, extraordinary friend and artisan, who along with his brother Sujatri had the vision for Klavierhaus, a haven for pianos and musicians. Among those pianos are two that Gabor brought to life for Yellow Barn, which live on campus together with others that Klavierhaus generously loans to us each summer. Gabor also was a beautiful, humble presence during Yellow Barn auditions, creating an environment in which hundreds of musicians were able to experience, in just a few moments, what is at the heart of Yellow Barn.

Gabor Reisinger was born in Budapest, Hungary on May 5, 1957. After leaving Hungary in 1984 with his wife Klara and daughter Reka, he lived for a while in France but was soon reunited with his brother in New York City. In 1987, the two brothers founded Klavierhaus, a piano store in Manhattan, where Gabor rebuilt hundreds of Steinway pianos with a European-style dedication to his craft, giving him a legacy, through his pianos, that today can be heard throughout the United States, as well as many other places around the world.

Over time Klavierhaus grew to be the favorite destination of the world’s top pianists, including Richard Goode, Andras Schiff, Emmanuel Ax, Jeremy Denk, and Simone Dinnerstein, among many others, artists who always found a welcoming place in Klavierhaus’ custom designed hall where they met, taught, and prepared for their recitals. Countless conservatory students, as well as teachers of pianists at every level, found at Klavierhaus a place for their debuts and recitals, and often at no charge. Such was Gabor’s generous commitment to music and the arts for nearly three decades—a kindheartedness that not only inspired countless amateurs, but also helped launch the international careers of many professional as well.

Gabor gave not only his piano facilities, but also his time to all those who needed his help, instruction, and wise counsel, and always with warmth and humor. A Tai-chi master, he practiced and taught at the Chu Tai-chi studio in Time Square, and conducted the popular open admission summer morning classes in Bryant Park. He possessed a unique ability to see and bring out the best in everyone he encountered.

A lover of nature, Gabor spent his leisure time hiking, mountain climbing, diving, and even running endurance races in far-flung, exotic places such as the Sahara Desert. In his travels, whether they be crossing a room or an ocean, he was a person who truly understood and made peace with people from every walk of life.

Gabor, who always welcomed Yellow Barn like family, is deeply missed and tonight we embrace his family with the love and kindness that Gabor always bestowed on us.

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